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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms X-Y-Z
from:  'xerox subsidy'   to:  'zero tolerance'

  • xerox subsidy 
    • This term refers to the habit of using the photocopier at work for personal use.
      "A certain percentage of photocopies are in fact xerox subsidies."

  • yellow bellied 
    • A person who is yellow-bellied is cowardly, or not at all brave.
      "The bus was full of yellow-bellied passengers who disappeared when the driver was attacked by two youths."

  • yes-man 
    • A yes-man is someone who always agrees with a person in authority in order to please them.
      "George is a yes-man. He agrees with everything the boss says !"

  • yoke around one's neck 
    • An obligation, commitment or restraint that becomes an oppressive burden is called a yoke around one's neck.
      "When John lost his job, the repayments on the house became a yoke around his neck."

  • you don't know the half of it 
    • This expression is used to tell someone that they know some of the facts but they don't know how bad the situation is.
      "You don't know the half of it! He was beating her and terrifying the children. That's why she left him."

  • (it's) your call  
    • You say this to someone when you think that the final decision on a matter should ultimately be theirs.
      "I prefer the other location for our new offices but you’re the boss, so it’s your call!"

  • your guess is as good as mine 
    • When talking to another person, 'your guess is as good as mine' means that neither of you knows the answer.
      ""What happened to the coffee machine?" "Your guess is as good as mine! »"

  • your wish is my command 
    • This is a humoristic way of saying that you are willing to do whatever the other person asks.
      "Breakfast in bed? Your wish is my command!"

  • zero in on something 
    • If you zero in on something, you focus all your attention on that particular thing.
      "The boss immediately zeroed in on the sales figures."

  • zero tolerance 
    • If an activity or a certain type of behaviour is given zero tolerance, it will not be accepted, not even once.
      "The authorities have announced zero tolerance for smoking in public buildings."

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