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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - S

(page 20 :  sticky fingers  →  storm is brewing)

sticky fingers Someone who has sticky fingers has a tendency to steal.
Items have been disappearing from the stock recently. Do any of the employees have sticky fingers?
on a sticky wicket If you find yourself on a sticky wicket, you are in a situation that is difficult to deal with.
They've refused to sign the contract so we're on a sticky wicket now!
stiff upper lip If someone keeps a stiff upper lip, they contain their emotion and do not let others see their feelings.
When she heard the bad news, she kept a stiff upper lip.
sting someone for If you sting someone for an amount of money, you make them pay for something, usually in a deceitful manner.
Not only was the lunch boring but I was stung for $25!
stink to high heaven If something has a very strong unpleasant smell, it stinks to high heaven.
Take off those socks - they stink to high heaven!
stir up a hornet's nest If you stir up a hornet's nest, you do something which causes a commotion and provokes criticism and anger.
His letter to the Board stirred up a real hornet's nest.
stir-crazy If a person goes stir-crazy, they become very agitated or nervous because they have been confined to a place for too long.
After several days in quarantine, people were going stir-crazy.
in stitches When people are in stitches, they are laughing a lot.
The story was so funny, everyone was in stitches.
take stock of a situation If you take stock of a situation you assess all the aspects in order to form an opinion.
He took time to take stock of the situation before making a suggestion.
a stitherum Someone who is (all) in a stitherum is excited, agitated or confused about something.
The mayor's resignation created quite a stitherum in the town.
a stone's throw away To say that something is a stone's throw away means that it is just a short distance away.
It's a residential area but the shops are just a stone's throw away.
stool pigeon A person who acts as an informer, especially one who gives information to the police or the authorities, is called a stool pigeon.
I don't trust Jack. I think he's a stool pigeon for the management.
stop dead in one's tracks If you stop dead in your tracks, you stop suddenly because you are frightened or totally surprised.
When Steve saw the snake, he stopped dead in his tracks.
stop at nothing Someone who would stop at nothing would do anything, even something illegal or immoral, to obtain what they want.
He's stop at nothing if there was a possibility of making money.
stop the rot When you prevent a situation from deteriorating, especially in business or politics, you stop the rot.
There was so much conflict in the office that a new manager was appointed to stop the rot.
a storm is brewing If you say that a storm is brewing, you mean that the atmosphere indicates that there is going to be trouble, probably with outbursts of anger or emotion.
As soon as we saw Pete's face, we knew there was a storm brewing.
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