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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms R, page 8

Idioms R, page 8:  from:   'run the gamut'   to:   'in a rut'

  • run the gamut of (something)
    • If you run the gamut of something, you cover the entire range of what is possible.
      "My father enjoys reading. His taste runs the gamut from popular novels to poetry."

  • run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
    • If you run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, you want to stay on friendly terms with both sides in a quarrel.
      "Bob always wants to keep everyone happy, but he can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds this time - the issue is too important."

  • run riot
    • If people run riot, the behave in a wild, uncontrolled manner, running around in all directions.
      "I dread the arrival of my sister with her kids - she always allows them to run riot."

  • run rings (or circles) around
    • If you show much more skill or ability than your opponent, you run rings (or circles) around them.
      "In a quiz show on TV yesterday, a teenage girl ran rings around the other contestants."

  • run round in circles
    • People who run round in circles have difficulty in achieving something because of lack of organisation.
      "Running round in circles will get us nowhere - we need to set up a plan."

  • runs in the family
    • This refers to a physical or moral characteristic that is common to many members of a family.
      "Black hair and blue eyes - the combination runs in the family."

  • run a taut ship
    • When a group or organisation is run in a well-ordered and disciplined manner, the person in charge runs a taut (or tight) ship.
      "The director of the scout camp runs a taut ship."

  • run a mile
    • Someone who is anxious to avoid something runs a mile.
      "She said she'd run a mile if she saw reporters in the area."

  • run-of-the-mill
    • If something is described as run-of-the-mill, there is nothing special or outstanding about it; it is just ordinary or average.
      "The story wasn't very interesting - just a run-of-the-mill romance with a happy ending."

  • run out of steam
    • If you say that a person, a process or an organised event is running out of steam, you mean that there is a loss of impetus, energy or enthusiasm.
      "The anti-immigrant movement seems to be running out of steam."

  • (a) running battle
    • If two people or groups have a running battle with each other, they argue or disagree about something over a long period of time.
      "There's been a running battle between the local authorities and the population over the school bus route."

  • in a rut
    • If you are in a rut, you have a monotonous and boring way of life.
      "If you feel you're in a rut, why not look for a new job?"

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