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English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions 

Alphabetical List of Idioms N, page 7

Idioms N, page 7:  from:   'nothing doing'   to:   'nutty as a fruitcake'

  • nothing doing
    • This term means that there is no way you would accept to do what is proposed.
      "Work on Sunday? Nothing doing!"

  • nothing succeeds like success
    • This expression means that success often leads to further successes.
      "The success of my first book encouraged to continue writing.  Nothing succeeds like success!"

  • nothing to write home about
    • To say that something is nothing to write home about means that it is not of great interest or importance.
      "Okay, she's written a couple of books, but nothing to write home about."

  • nothing ventured, nothing gained
    • You cannot expect to achieve anything if you risk nothing.
      "He's going to ask his boss for a promotion even though he has little chance of obtaining satisfaction. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

  • now you're talking!
    • This expression is used to show encouragement or agreement with something that has just been said, for example a good idea.
      "If we take the underground we'll avoid the traffic" "Now you're talking!"

  • nowhere to be found
    • If something is nowhere to be found, even after a thorough search, it is impossible to find it.
      "We looked everywhere for the cat but it was nowhere to be found."
  • null and void
    • Something which isnull and void has no legal force or is invalid.
      "The contract was declared null and void."

  • number cruncher
    • This is a humorous way of referring to someone who is an accountant or who is very good at working with numbers and calculations.
      "She's a number cruncher who perfectly understands the organisation's financial situation."

  • go nuts
    • To say that a person has gone nuts means that they have become completely foolish, eccentric or mad.
      "I think the old lady has gone nuts! It's very hot today and she's wearing a fur coat!"

  • nuts and bolts
    • The nuts and bolts of something are the detailed facts and the practical aspects.
      "We need to discuss the nuts and bolts of the proposal before going any further."

  • (as) nutty as a fruitcake
    • Someone who is (as) nutty as a fruitcake is insane or crazy.
      "Don't pay attention to what the old man says; he's as nutty as a fruitcake!"

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