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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List - N

(page 2 : never a dull moment → night owl)

never a dull moment
When there is never a dull moment, something is always changing or happening.
With four teenagers at home, there's never a dull moment!
never looked back If you say that you never looked back, you mean that after an event which changed your life for the better, you continue to be happy with the situation.
Since the day she decided to work from home, she has never looked back.
never in a million years This expression means 'absolutely never' or 'at no time in my life'.
I will never in a million years understand why Anne married Bob.
never mind When you 'never mind' to someone, you are telling them not to worry, that it is not important.
When the child broke the cup Susan said 'never mind - it was an old cup'.
never rains but it pours This expression is used to comment on the fact that when something bad happens, other bad things often happen too, and make the situation even worse.
First he forgot his briefcase, then he lost his wallet, and when he reached the car park, his car had been stolen - it never rains but it pours!
never say die You can say 'never say die' to encourage someone to persevere in their efforts and not give up or abandon their project.
Keep going - it's too soon to give up. Never say die!
new blood If something such as an organisation or a sports team needs ‘new blood’, it needs to recruit people who come with new ideas, energy and enthusiasm in order to improve or invigorate it.
Because of the poor results, the coach decided that the team needed some new blood.
new kid on the block The new kid on the block is someone (not just a child) who is a newcomer to an area, or a new member of a group.
Even after several years in the company Charlie is still regarded by some as 'the new kid on the block'.
new to this game To say that you are new to this game means that you have never been involved in this sort of activity before.
I want to join Facebook but I don't know how to start.  I'm new to this game.
new lease of life A person who has a new lease of life has a chance to live longer or with greater enjoyment or satisfaction.
Moving closer to his children has given him a new lease of life.
can't put new wine in old bottles This expression means that you should not try to combine new concepts or innovations with an old or long-established framework or system.
You'll never get that program to work on your father's old computer.  You can't put new wine in old bottles!
next best thing If you can't have exactly what you want, the next best thing is the best alternative possible.
The camera I wanted was far too expensive so I opted for a cheaper one that was the next best thing.
next to nothing The term 'next to nothing' means a very small amount or almost nothing.
My boots didn't cost much. I bought them for next to nothing in the sales.
nice as pie If a person is as nice as pie, they are surprisingly kind and friendly.
After our argument, she was as nice as pie!
in the nick of time If something happens in the nick of time, it happens at the last minute, when it is nearly too late.
The child was standing in front of the open window.  His mother caught him in the nick of time.
night owl Someone who is lively and active at night and goes to bed very late is called night owl.
I work better in the evenings than in the morning.  My friends say I'm a night owl.
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