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English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Alphabetical List of Idioms - D

(Idioms D page 1 :  dab hand → dead in water)

dab hand at something If you're a dab hand at something, you're very good at doing it.
Why don't you call Suzy? She's a dab hand at organizing barbecues.
put a damper on If someone or something puts a damper on a situation or event, they make it less successful or enjoyable.
The party was going great until the neighbour's complaints put a damper on it.
dance attendance If you dance attendance on somebody, you are constantly available for that person and attend to their wishes.
She's rich and famous and expects everyone to dance attendance on her.
dance to someone's tune If you dance to someone's tune, you do whatever that person tells you to do.
He is the company's major shareholder so the management has to dance to his tune.
in the dark If someone is kept or left in the dark about something, they are not informed about it.
The personnel was kept in the dark about the merger until the last minute.
darken someone's door If you darken somebody's door, you come as an unwanted or unwelcome visitor.
Just get out of here and never darken my door again!
call it a day To sey 'let's call it a day' is a way of suggesting that it is time to stop doing something, usually because of tiredness.
After one last phone call, I decided to call it a day.
day late and a dollar short If something is a day late and a dollar short, it comes too late and
is not good enough.
They offered me an internship when I had already found a job - a day late and a dollar short!
daylight robbery The term daylight robbery is used when the price of something is thought to be much too high.
$10 for an orange juice? That's daylight robbery!
dead as a dodo To say that something is (as) dead as a dodo means that it is unquestionably dead or obsolete, or has gone out of fashion.
(A dodo is a bird that is now extinct.)
The floppy disk is an invention that is now (as) dead as a dodo.
dead as a doornail This expression is used to stress that a person or thing is very definitely dead.
They've started fighting again, so the peace agreement is now as dead as
a doornail.
dead cert Something that is certain to happen or be achieved is a dead cert.
After such praise, his appointment as captain of the team is a dead cert.
dead duck This expression refers to a project or scheme which has been abandoned or is certain to fail.
The new cinema is going to be a dead duck because it's too far away from the town centre.
dead in the water A plan or project that is dead in the water is at a standstill or has ceased to function and is unlikely to be reactivated in the future.
Because of the crisis, the planned housing development is now dead in the water.

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